Valuable Article Insurance

Picture of expensive jewels: Insure your valuables against theft or damage with valuable article insurance.


Do you own priceless family heirlooms, valuable collectibles, expensive jewelry, furs, silverware, fine china, musical instruments or sporting equipment? Have you invested in rare paintings, antiques and other pieces of fine art?

Many people don’t realize that most homeowner policies provide very limited coverage for these types of items. That’s why it is important to meet with your local Brown & Brown Advisor to discuss Valuable Article Insurance.

We will help you determine what sort of additional insurance policy will best protect the often irreplaceable items that you cherish. We offer itemized insurance coverage that assures your belongings are insured to their appraised value, as well as add-on coverage to your homeowners policy that will collectively cover your personal items.

Call us today! Making sure you have the right coverage in place is our mission. After all….

– with us, it’s personal! –


You don’t just have a policy. You have a Brown & Brown Advisor, and that makes all the difference.


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