Specialty & Travel Insurance

Success has many advantages, but also comes with some risks.


Specialty Insurance such as kidnap and ransom insurance is a very specific, detailed, and unique niche in the insurance industry that takes an expert to implement. Your Brown & Brown Advisor can help you determine if this coverage is right for you, and if so, will find you exactly what type of insurance coverage you need.


Are you planning on traveling abroad?  

Did you know that most insurance policies provide limited protection for claims incurred outside the United States? Your Brown & Brown professional Advisor can design a Travel Insurance policy custom made to your individual needs, providing coverage for the following:

•   Trip Cancellation

•   Trip Interruption

•   Trip Delay

•   Medical Expenses

•   Emergency Evacuation

•   Lost, Stolen or Damaged Baggage and Travel Documents

•   AD&D

•   Car Rental Collision Coverage

•   Emergency Travel Assistance

•   Optional Additional Medical


Call your local Brown & Brown Advisor today and we will guide you through the ever-changing insurance industry and make sure that we design policies that have you covered.

You don’t just have a policy. You have a Brown & Brown Advisor, and that makes all the difference.


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