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– MARINE INSURANCE from Brown & Brown –

From massive yachts to your weekend catamaran, it pays to have an insurance Advisor who knows and understands the sea changes that take place in the insurance business virtually every year.

Most property and casualty agencies do not have the experience, training or carrier relationships to make sure your vessel is properly covered against all perils.

The professional Advisors at Brown & Brown Insurance have the market savvy to 1) thoroughly analyze your needs, 2) develop a strategic plan tailored to those requirements, and 3) work with the leading providers in the market to get you the right coverage at the right price.

Protecting your yacht, cruiser, sailboat or recreational boat—and the people who enjoy them—should not be taken lightly.

We have many coverages available that can help you feel secure when you take to the open water, including, but not limited to:

• Agreed Value Coverage:  Rather than depreciated value, we have policies that pay the entire agreed amount, with no deductible in the event of a total loss.

• Replacement Cost Loss Settlement:  Similar to the above, we pay for the repair or replacement of covered property without deduction for depreciation for most partial losses.

• Liability Protection:  We protect you personally in case of an accident, covering legal defense costs, pollution cleanup and containment coverage, wreck removal and Jones Act coverage for paid crew.

  Medical Payments:  We can also provide coverage for reasonable medical and related expenses for all individuals onboard, boarding or leaving the covered vessel. These benefits are provided on a per person basis, rather than per occurrence. Optional and customized limits are available.

Uninsured Boater Coverage:  Pays for bodily injury to persons aboard the insured watercraft who are injured by an uninsured owner or operator of another vessel.

• Marinas as Additional Insured:  Marinas, yacht clubs and similar facilities where insureds keep their vessels are included automatically as Additional Insureds.

• Personal Property & Fishing Equipment Coverage:  Our policy also covers clothing, personal property and fishing gear of the boat owner and their guests. Optional higher limits are available.

Hurricane Haul-Out Coverage:  Included automatically at no additional charge, insureds mooring in storm-prone areas are provided with coverage for haul-out and storage fees when necessary to protect an insured yacht during a named storm.

• Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA) Coverage:  This liability coverage provides payment in addition to the Liability limit up to the required OPA statutory limits, regardless of the Liability limit chosen. Additionally, if the OPA statutory limit is increased in the future, our policy will automatically increase the applicable OPA limit to match the new higher statutory limits.

• Marine Environmental Damage Coverage:  Payment for fines and penalties for marine environmental damage is automatically provided up to $10,000, per occurrence. This coverage limit is in addition to the insured’s applicable Liability and OPA limits.

• Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA):  With Liability coverage, protection is automatically provided for those employed aboard the vessel who are within the jurisdiction of the LHWCA.

• Search & Rescue / Emergency Services Coverage:  Expenses incurred for emergency aid and assistance are included for no additional charge, up to a $10,000 limit.

• Towing & Assistance:  Our policy provides this coverage with optional higher limits available.

• Tender / Dinghy Coverage:  We automatically include this protection, with optional limits and deductibles available.

• Trailer Coverage:  Optional protection is available with a low deductible.

• Boat Show & Demonstration Coverage:  We automatically provide this coverage, at no additional charge.

Call your local Brown & Brown Advisor today so that we can learn what your insurance needs are and then develop a marine insurance plan that is custom-designed to fit your specific needs.

You don’t just have a policy. You have a Brown & Brown Advisor, and that makes all the difference.


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